The forthcoming

From the ground up.
Ill spring up from the depths of this onslaught.
Self made, no favors will need to be made.
fuck the free world. Its time I just get paid.
Nothing comes free anymore.
sick of running around until my feet are sore.
Take notice. Before I take flight.
Once again I stand up right.
I wont stay staggered. Not today.
That's all I have left. Make the best of these days.
If I am in the dark I'll shine so bright
that this blight crumbles down around me.
A child of the sun. Once again Ill be one.
Over these valley's I climb.
Ambition is once again mine.
Remembering how to shine.
Ill find where I belong.
This is only the beginning.
as I rise up from the earth and reach for the sky.
No longer asking why. Hell is real believe me I've seen it.
I was imprisoned by demons as they tortured.
I was tainted. Bound to chains naked and jaded.
wont allow these dreams to go wasted.
Escaping the depths of my mind. Illusive Intuitive.
I am an alchemist. Transfused my heart to gold.
Searing the wounds so I wouldn’t bleed out.
From all these weeds and wounds I had to pull my own teeth.
Mending transcending. ascending. Everything is in reach.
Convalescent Consciousness.
Enemies better build effigies. I am enigma.
Ill outshine all of you. I'll be sure to follow through.
the definition I define myself uses definition of mind as the defined.
I am Is. Unshakable. Unbreakable.
Hold your vile tongue. I simply just begun.
I come with a message. Fuck your intentions.
I am a ventriloquist. Of thought and mind.
Lose control. I'll make you move.
Speaker of truth. against it? Ill make you walk right off the roof.
Kindness is something I no longer carelessly give.
Karma will come to collect. I'll soon be reaping rewards.
It will come one day to dissect I hope for your own sake your not infect.
Meditation until the world is on fire.
The undoing will match your attire.
I am the catalyst. I am the creator.
Go fourth and meet your maker.
I am legion.
The world is mine.

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