Hurdles and Hoops

I guess I gave you too much credit.

Jumping through hurdles and hoops.

This shit is fruitier than fruit loops.

Just another game of duck duck goose.

I am not about the chase so I am letting it loose.

You will never get better. Because I deserve better

. Neglect is never something you can measure.

Love isn't a hidden treasure.

I'd rather not spend the rest of my days feeling as if I was at the bottom of the sea.

I'm not one to spread my love around. and you wonder why.

You wonder why I am emotionally shut down.

Being left down town. Hearts tossed around like hand me downs.

The taste is finally out my mouth.

Liquor with no chasers at least I like the way honesty burns.

Gives me a kind of sensation that can only be earned by masking pain.

No reason to spend any more nights shouting at the rain.

Using drugs as an excuse to try and make amends with me.

Friends a word that will never relate to you and me.

I am feeling free from all of this negativity.

You come around when I dont want you, because its obvious I am happier with out you.

I won't be their to save you next time your man isn't acting right.

My hearts worth more than a few fucks that I should have never gave

to make you feel some sort of self worth when you call me lonely in the night.

I am done with you, and everyone that ever claims that you deserved much better,

when the truth never existed.

Just my heart is something you black listed.

This feeling is lifted. Sadly their is only many more to follow.

Just another bitter pill to swallow.

Viscous hearts. Scars from vampire bite marks.

Thank god for salt skin. Because I am never letting you back in.

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