Casting Spells

Just because something can be explained doesn't mean its not magic. Sometimes good things just fall from the sky and land in your hands, Or something someone said made you feel a type of way that redirected your thoughts and set your life on a different track. Saying something moments before something happens, then it happens. Finding a reason to smile even when in your mind you think all is lost. We all experience things like this. The power to influence actions and desires of others along with manipulating the world around you to benefit you and your intentions. That's magic. It's real and I use it. Its a power that is harnessed through self expression and communication. People get lost in all of these technological advancements and materialism that runs deep under the skin. We chase objects and financial advancements to try and get a sense of satisfaction. But, in the midst of chasing these inanimate meaningless possessions we are running from ourselves and what its like to be in touch with ourselves. If you claim to have your life completely figured out and you don't believe really anything will cause it to change I fear for this person because they are lost and so blinded by a picture they created in the back of their mind that they dont even know they are lost. Sometimes nonsense can rid the rain clouds out of someones life. Even if its for a moments time. Laughter cures any problem. It doesn't really give you any solutions. But, it gives you time to breathe. We can hold our breath for years. A literaphorical breath. Quite literally your soul refuses to breathe and you begin to succumb to patterns that make you bend and break over backwards. Let your soul breathe. With laughter. Nonsense. Magic. Whatever your fix is. Find yourself in the midst of your idealism. Be open to criticism yet don't let anyone tell you that you don't have what it takes to be whatever it is you want to be. I am many things. The one things I am not, is someone is willing to succumb to defeat in the manifestation of my dreams. I quit my job. Rid myself of all of my belongings that were tethered around my feat making me stay on the ground instead of in the clouds. I plan to be free and soar like a bird. I plan to see the ocean floor.I plan to play music and hear my name shouted among an audience where I am adored. Words are more powerful than any other weapon. Words can influence and inspire. Empowerment is the greatest weapon of mass seduction. I am a wizard. I plan to change the world by changing how the people think in this world. I am the universe. I will spread positive energy and light. So smile and be polite. Compliment a stranger and tell them that everything is going to be alright.

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