Let me spill this out. 

all these colors. to reinvent this empty canvas. 

hmm, lets start with red. 


I guess we crossed eyes when I was dodging missles. 

I am underattck with a submissive black 

taring down my concsoius leaving me with a few stated facts. 

sleeping all day and night to get these splatters of unwanted paint from my hands. 

ill wash my hands clean of you. 

A beauty of blue, nature giving and true. 

afraid ill take love for granted and she will be real and true. 

so walk on by becuase I caught you out of the corner of my eye. 

I prefer to be transparent. I guess I never asked my self why. 

Until green walked by. Just a hand full of colors to create this mental picture. 

But ill brush them all together just to undue the silence between them. 

Truth of the matter is it really doesnt matter. I was falling in lust. 

paradoxial purple and your idosyntric idealism. I dont paint you much. 

your shade may be vibrant but underneath the mask of your sweet scent. 

your intentions are dark and I repent evils with a pen. I can erase your thoughts. 

Just tell me when. Out of sight. out of mind. 

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