Checkers the bluebird

There once lived a bluebird named Checkers. He loved to sing and laugh and spend time with his other blue bird friends. Checkers was very carefree and easy going. He loved to watch other people smile. seeing happy people made his day better. One day Checkers went to go home to his nest after a night out with some friends and it was no longer there. He couldn't find his family so he left for the open sky on his own. He was scared and didn't have much. All the other blue birds had these collections of shiny objects yet all checkers had was his voice and his ability to make people smile. All the other blue birds were confused to why checkers didn't have any shiny objects or a home. They thought he was just an outcast and went on without him. Checkers tried his best to build his own nest on his own but it could never stay together. It always fell apart. He would fly around and sleep where ever he could find shelter. All the other birds liked to get together and compare shiny objects but Checkers had none to show. So he would just sing songs that came out of his heart even if nobody was listening. It was the only way he could really understand this world is when he was singing the blues. Checkers continues to fly around in search of a place he can build a nest that wont be destroyed. A place where he could eventually acquire a few shiny objects so he can compare them with the other birds. But until then Checkers is flying tirelessly through the night to find a comfortable place to sleep. He is lost and the climate is changing. Sometimes Checkers wishes things were different and he was some other bird who was understood with many shiny objects to compare with his friends. But he continue to sing and sing and sing. In hopes his silent songs he sings to himself will tie up loose ends while making the dark nights heartache and confusion end.

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