Freddy Kruegar

I am Freddy Krueger 
I am coming for your mind. 
Ill play tricks on you 
and laugh as you die
I got claws and sharp teeth
To a heart I am a theif

No way to kill me I am in your mind. 
look into the dark and see what I confide
I use the walls to paint your insides 
emotions run red. fear is my friend. 
I am a nightmare. I am a nightmare. 
repeating in your head. 
silent voices. sudden noises. 

things you will hear in the night 
i am real. I am in your sight. 
stare into my face. 
I am the darkness. 
I am in your dreams.
you will never get me out of your head. 
rest is assured my friend. 
earlier is best.

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