The meadows

Beauty hides in the deep.

Where eyes meet.

Take you off your feet.

To all the places you ever wanted to see.

Silent sighs. Inhale the scenery.

Exhale your dreams intuitively.

You ever ran away?

To the meadows.

Running wild as if the world was yours to explore.

Spinning until you fall to the ground to then be taken by the stars.

Contemplating life.

As you are fixated on the reflection of yourself in her passionate eyes illuminated by the moonlight.

Fantasy is colliding with my reality.

Each day is full of life and magic.

You breathe in air.

Take it in. Sit in silence swaying to the sound of the wind and trees.

You ever have your imagination come to life.

Right in front of your eyes. And you just keep touching it.

To make sure its real. Its a pleasant heartache.

Trying to understand for your own sake.

The picture was so beautiful I demand a retake.

Mesmerized by the moments and memories I keep creating.

Falling in love with creations.

I am setting myself on fire with desire.

Burning to keep everything around me bright.

Warm and alive.

I am a true star.

I reflect the cosmos.

And cherish the cosmetics of the soul.

We can not die until we are born.

We cannot live until we die.

So ask yourself. How much do you really love yourself.

How high is your spirits when you see love sweep you up and kid knap your consciousness.

Let's just run away together. And dance in the meadows.

Singing laughing and dancing regardless of the weather.

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