Overcoming overwhelming obsticals. Killing all my calamity with food for thought. I am in a drought. Yet I can feel the water up to my neck. Defined by my past. Damned without a future. Which is scarier? Dying without a cause. Or living without direction. Mix the two. Its a constant misconception. I'm lost. I can't be saved. But still I manage. Still I smile. I got nothing to my name. But I cherish the bits and pieces of my life more than most. I never boast. Stuck in the reel. Tangled in my own webs of thoughts. So many fake alibies. I'm really good at pretending. A frayed rope. Set fire to both ends. Smother my fire with gasoline. I burn forever. Nothing can put me out. What I touch turns to ashes. But I can warm your heart at a distance. Better kept at a distance. What's the matter? I got no heart to shatter. You are wasting your time. Closure. Over exposure to false misguided emotions. You emulate. While I reevaluate. Slow down. Catch your breathe. I am many things. A theif and coward are a few things I'm not. Establish myself with this frayed not. Tying up my foundations. A flame to my floorboards will keep them in place. Stagnant fires. Crown me king of destruction. Lost cause. Underachieving his annotations. Miss information. How can I obtain you. You bring such misfortune. We are just wasted youth. Our dreams expunged. Gone. Nonexistent. This won't be me. This won't be who I am.

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