revoke emotion

I Awaken from a deep sleep. I stretch and reach out in extreme comfort. I didn't dream much, yet I can't recall how I got here. I turn over and see you still sleeping next to me. I can tell by the smile on your face you are lost in another world. You have found perpetual bliss laying wrapped under the comforter next to me in a dream. A place or time you have decided to drift off too. I am at peace with everything. Refusing to wake you I stare at the ceiling fan as I zone out due to the overwhelming feelings of comfort and safety. How did I get here? And is this just a dream. Your hair is a mess all I can see is your precious smile. Its paralyzing. Puts me in a trance. I cannot speak. So spiritually full. I crave nothing but this feeling to stay. And never fade. No money or drug can replace this feeling of comfort. I just lay back and refuse to react. I am for ounce out of my head. No longer strung out on loneliness. I have everything I need smiling in her sleep in this bed. I never craved possessions I never wanted riches. The sun rise illuminating through the window as I watch you gracefully roll over an sigh is all I'll ever wish for. I've acquired it so the struggle has ceased and the pain resides. I feel alive with all the energy to keep striving. These are some of the best visions in my head. Fake memories I bestowed in my head. Hope dies where faith lies.
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