Maybe its better not to have dreams. So when they never take flight they will never haunt you. When push comes to shove and you are blind sided by love. You sink into a place far from reality. Locking the doors to your heart behind you as you leave it behind. Forgetting a worldyou created inside your mind you wished to bring outside. Many miles I walked that I wasted. Nothing to treasure but these created feelings in my head you never had. Reminiscent over something that never was. This is what it feels like to fall in love. A jagged knife carving your skin. Removing old dead skin that haunts you within. Falling into temptation and fear I am almost their. Not sure what is real. Or what's clear. We want what we cannot have. We are just burning ourselves within the flames of our own desires. Well I am wrong. Temptation eats me alive. Like drinking bleach to kill your emotions and insides. Swallowing pride. A bottom of a bottle is where I'll hide.

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