Autumn Leaves

Ive gotten this close before. 

But I let those feelings close the door. 

I am run in circles chasing cars and places. 

and wishing I was in bed with some familiar faces. 

I tend to be alone yet surrounded by everyone who only lives in my phone.

Where is the girl that comes and breaks down my door 

and claims to be everything I needed and so much more. 

I ran into a few. but nothing works. 

I just fall back into reutine then the next girl comes and so quiclky leaves. 

its no differant than autumn leaves. they fall from your life and reside on the ground 

in your memorys waiting to either be bagged up or burned and forgotten 

as you move on to the next attraction. Viscious circles. 

running in place. nobody is on the same frequency so static is all conversation becomes. 

the heart reaches out. yet finds no one. 

deslolate days in your head. 

laying alone in your bed. 

it rains it pours. 


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