A Blind mans dream

How many days can I waste before I cannot waste anymore. 

I found out where my head should lay but its so far away from closer. 

waking in my own fears as I shed tears from these night terrors.

I waste away in my apathy witch is getting to deep for me. 

drowning in my own bed. I cannot repaet what I said. 

I see the pain in my own eyes as it reflects from these blue skies. 

too much memory to take away these hardened darkened times. 

I just feel my heart tearing at the seams. 


what I dream throughthese nights and never ending days. 

I turn over in my bed and catch your gaze. 

the sunlight sinking in from the window as if It never shined this bright before. 

the comforters strechetd and messed from the night before. 

No part of me feels lonley and all these thoughts I left at the door. 

its just you and me and it feels how its supposed to be. 

If I can make it through these daymares still standing 

and fight these demons in my sleep without trailing 

too much blood from the teeth they sank into my surroundings.

then these sharks wont tare my world apart. and I can just lay with you 

until both of us turn to stone. 


it seems so clear what I wish to acheieve. these days these nights these places I try to concieve. 

to hold my tounge in hopes that I can better someone. else from these trips to these crypts of my loved ones. 

I am stuck in my own head tonight. these dreams and lullabies only curse my eyes with onlsaught cries. 

its never too much for me now. 

I was dead before so any pain doesnt seem like any more. 

I cant keep healing. 

I have only been holding on. 


cut the thread. tie the rope around my neck hang me with my sympathy and kind heart and remind me why I should start. 

running to the hills. chasing all these cheap thrills. 

love is rare. love is pure. But nobody will take me there. 

I dream of better things, i dream of beter places. 

but this is only a stasis. 

we have to walk trhough the rain to see the beauty in the sun again. 

as it drys us and our eyes from these sores. 

I see the places we can share together. but the time is short 

and there is no such thing as forever. 

so listen to me why I surrender. 

to everything that has kept me from falling under. 

ill take that leap of faith if needed. 

if I plunge and fail. set my bones asail 

To be honest this heart is growing frail. my skin forever pale. 

I cant keep doing this its too much to trail. 

and trudge on alone. keep me safe. and accompaned far from alone. 

but I cannot keep on keeping for much longer. 

take me now and give me all you offer

Ill return the same old favor. just dont let me sleep alone.

for these dreams are dreams of death and eternal slumber. 

hold me as these nightmares try to conquer 

help me defeat these demons and find love

in all the right places. 


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