Something Special

You are far away.

But I can still feel your heart beat.

even from 300 miles away.

You are something special. girl.

I feel complete and it feels so easy.

we talk when we can. I am greatful for that.

Its all I need right now. 

You have my attention. so let me begin. 

I see something between us.

lets make it grow. and overflow.

its a connection. I need in my life.

I am willing to make that drive.

when I cant sleep in my bed alone.

but its not about that. in fact.

the words you speak. brings me in.

untangles these webs within.

long distence. with little resistance.

I feel better than I have in months.

Knowing you feel the same way.

we will make plans.

big big plans.

will you stay here with me?

even tho you are not here.

I am begining not to feel as lonly. 

I found something. girl.

I found you girl.

your the one who needs to be with me.

Right here. right now. 

I have a little bit of faith now.

things are beautiful. and they will be perfect when you are here.

beside me. 

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