Words of wisdom on escaping adolescence alive

A few things ive come to learn in life I wish I knew when I was younger. 

Always show respect for yourself and people. 

Pick your battles wisely. You cant run from every fight. You cant just back down from a fight either. Its a happy medium based on your tolerance and surroundings. 

Admit when you are wrong. It makes sticking up for yourself a hell of a lot easier when you are right. 

Dont date just to date. Passing time with a half hearted relationship wastes a lot of your time that you could put in other more important situations. 

If you have to do something. Just do it. If you are bitching and staring at the problem all pissed off you arnt going anywhere. You are wasting energy and time. 

Stick up for yourself and other people who you see are being wronged. The opportunities are endless. Plus eventually people will stop walking all over you. 

And if you want something really bad. Don't be afraid to try and go for it. If you get rejected from a girl, or a job than you know it isn't right for you. 

Always put your passion into everything you do, regardless if its a shit job or just a hobby to pass the time. People will notice. 

One night stands. And fucking around with multiple people at ounce is wrong. I found out the hard way. Wish I didnt. This also goes for dating girls in your friend group and dating your best friends sister. These all have terrible outcomes. 

Dont fuck in public. You get arrested. 

Get good grades. Wish I did. I could of went to a university if I didn't use my history homework assignments as rolling paper. And makeshift straws to snort amphetamines with in the midst of Lecture. 

Try your best even if you fucking hate your suck at what you are currently doing it gets better. 

Don't try to make a pass on a lesbian at a lesbian sleep over. You will get denied and be forced to watch the Rent musical. 

Be specific on what you want out of life. in every detail. work towards it. It will start to happen. 

Don't look for anything in life other than stability and your needs. Everything else you want will come to you. From friends. Relationships. And anything non material. 

Practice good karma and pay it foreword. Buy some stranger a meal or give some random person on the street 5 dollars. These spontaneous good deeds will come around to you again and be beneficial in your life. 

Always work hard for what you have or want. People will notice 
And help you get where you need to be even if you don't know the way. 

And never Stab a friend in the back. It will haunt you forever. And karma wont be so kind on you. 

And if you like someone. Let them know. Hell they might even like you too. but were to shy to voice it. 

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