My heart is codeine. 
I can sever your nerve endings. 
Put a stop to your never endings. 
Pain can start to slip away. 
Senseless foreplay.
Ever have your skin crawl? 
Every touch Its more vindictive. 
Up the dosage. You cant get enough. Addicted. 
Heart rate increases. Emptiness decreases. Feel the waves on your skin. Breathe in air. Breathe in fumes. Shortness in breathe. Fiending. Heavy breathing. choking on words. Overdose on thinking. Lay waste to your nightmares. 
Cold shakes. Tremors. 
Cold sweats. Heat flashes. 
Impulse actions. Deadly attractions. Paralysis. You freeze in your own bed. So you take that drive to feel warm. Predictive. Intuitive. A desirable lush. Hush. Get some sleep. You had enough.

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