If you would just let me in. 
Give me the key to your head. 
I would do my best to rearrange the clutter

that you trip overwhen you go to bed.

I wont mislead you. It takes sometime I know.

But, you wont have to move these heavy thoughts around your head .

Ill give you my hands to so you are not alone.

Ill sing you to sleep over the phone.

Your tired now I can just tell by your tone.

But it gets easier now.

If you just let me show you how.

Its just baggage you can leave it at the door.

Your presence and happiness means so much more.

So sleep next to me.

Ill tell you whats in store.

Feeling your heart beat is a Rhythm i cant ignore.

Some people say our minds never think twice.

And our hearts are what pay the price.

But im willing to pay whatever sacrifice

just to have you hear so i am not alone.

 I can read your thoughts better than my own.

When will these days pass when will I sleep next to anything other than a phone.

Its a little less easier than what Ive known.

But girl, im tired now but I cant sleep.

So tell me your secrets and put my head at ease.

Let me help you just so i can sleep. Bring my goodwill justice.

As I hope to make your knees weak. Fall into everything I can be.

Ill show you many places you have never seen. It gets easier if you fight for now.

Because later you will have everything you need to grow.

Into what you believe you might want to be.

What you want Bestow on this world. Just to show.

Life is beautiful.

And our adventure could have just begun for all we know.

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