Parasite Bites

The Influence

I cannot speak for my body and mind

At the same time. They say two different things. 

In two differant languages. And I never know who is talking. 

I talk to much. Yet say way to little. 

So here I am in the midst of speaches. 

Yet twisting my tounge in knots trying to speak how I feel. 

I never express the truth of my intentions. They get lost in my translations. 

I am walking on a tightrope managing 

Witch part of me is talking 

So I start walking and talking 

To relief me from thinking illogical thinking 

Not sure how to grab a handle on this slippery slope 

Of pills and chemical isotopes. 

Destroy me. Corrode me. Says me. 

Relieve me. Set me free says something living In me.

My thinking is the parasite. My body the host. 

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