Sympathy for the Killer

I see your burdens through your eyes full of despair. Helpless as you try reading my next move in this empty dark room. Just a flickering dim light lights up this place. The sound of dripping water from the leaking pipes above you is your only mental escape. Bound in a chair. Forgotten. By the outside world. You can scream or you could have before I cut out your tongue. It wouldn't make a difference. Nobody knows you are down here. With me. Don't be so weary. Wipe that look off your face. The blood and pain you wear on yourself. You are such a disgrace. Was I the fool to believe that this malicious act of violence on my own blood would be short lived? Let me get close to show you the true nature of your demon thats thrusting sharp blades into your helpless tethered body. You think you are the only one who is enjoying the fun? Watch me. Ill cut my own flesh from my face. Incision after incision. Were both stuck in this place. Piece by piece. Ill cut. Tear and rip flesh off of our skin. Were beyond sin. I am a hellish beast. My fever wont stop after your last breathe. Its on going. Its enjoyable really. Watching us suffer. See my body is mangled and beyond repair too. But i am the one standing above. Its a shame you cannot talk. Only regret I have is cutting your tongue too early. But the bath in our entrails was really beyond refreshing. I got hell to pay. So lets play. Witch part of your body can i remove first. I got a little ahead of myself. I started with fingernails. But you now lack hands and feet. Really to be honest. You lost those because i wanted something to eat. Do you like fire? Ill sear your wounds with this flame if you would like. I can tell from your squirming you don't care too much for the smell of your burning flesh. You can protest all day but you will never get away. It seems to be two of us in this room. The floor. Its covered in too much blood for any type of repair. Back to the stabbing. Yes right. The mangling. Its quite odd. I can feel your pain. Every little inch of your suffering. I feel the whole thing. So were equals then. I am not above you. Were both powerless. Well really just you are powerless. I am playing the act of god. Its so exciting on my end. Id let you give it a try sometime. It would be more enjoyable than just letting you. Us. Die. Needles. I can insert a few into where ever seems right. Insert. Why do i even feel the needles bite? I see your face but you look just the same as mine. Just a little numb now from the shot I gave you. Its a little more clear now. It takes me to do a mirror check. I am actually surprised by what I see for once. In this room I figured nothing would phase me. But who would Of guessed that I am you. I am in this chair. There is only one of us here. So I am the killer called Conscience when left unattended to explorer. My head. My body. Beyond repair. I am my own reaper. Fading in... Fading out... Losing touch grip on all of this. I cant speak. For I cut out my tongue. No hands to untie me. Or legs to run. So ill just dissolve here. In this dark room that mirrors my mind. I sit and wait until breathing stops. And I am no longer confined.

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