Dead pool.

I tried to cut myself. I didnt suceed.

The knifes too dull. so blood didnt spill.

I am drunk as fuck. who gives a fuck.

dying is humourus and a release.

I laughed as the knife tickled my skin

where do I begin.

fuck this shit. I had enough.

I am going nowhere. 

I drink too much.

I have no job. I am in debt.

addicted to drugs. My own father said I am pretty much already dead.

all alone. I only got my blood to spend.

so I sharpen my tools.

I laugh as my blood pools.

On the ground. so profound.

see me here eyes open sleeping sound.

Its a game. no one will survive.

its life you act like we all get out alive.

I killed a fifth. too myself.

Now I want to play a game.

its called fucking kill myself.

I wont feel no pain. alcahol. and heroin in my veins.

I am insane.

so karma just come reap your reward.

take your benifits from my bones.

as I lay in this pool all alone. 


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