Smiles for miles

The Influence

I cannot tell you where I am headed.

Or where I will go when everything settles down.

but woah. am I am stunned and amazed.

and these memories I created. 

they flickr like motion pictures in my mind.

one of a kind. the summer heat.

keeps me on my feet.

the girls I meet. I fall in love with everyone.

no need to be discreate.


money is short. but still I have no worries.

walking home with the sun setting after a night out of living.

is so settling. I am a settler.

I colonieze the vibrations. The visuals. people and vibes.

but It doesnt mean I catagorize. But I cant avoid missing out on conversation

especially with all the beauty i find in peoples eyes.

long car rides full of pleasue and appeal

in honesty I have more sex drive to ever conceal.


the weather is warm.

the cloths are skimpy.

i need it. sunshine.

will you be mine.

come slumber with me it will all be fine

stay for a day or for all time.

cold drinks and hot weather.

lets skinny dip together,

were young once so use your beauty and bodies.

were all just living for the moment. the dance the pleasure.


i got forever friends

and good girls

who enjoy the bad things

witch is just what the summer brings

i need to go where the weather is.

keeps me moving. . keeps me fucking. keeps me happy.

no need to be sappy.

smiles for miles.

no more long drives.

I am past the trials.

lend me your summer heart

ill show you where this fun will start.

ill give it back intact. unbroken.

lets just have some fun.

be a little open. have sex in the ocean.

like minded. im just here to enjoy everyones time and attention

its not a pension or nor am I evil.

just give your attention for one night. it will be alright.

im not here to hurt you im here to adore you

its summer whats thier to regret.

these moents are well spent. 

so the drinks are on me. 

lets tare up this event. 





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