Dilated Eyes.

The Influence

Long nights. Liquer bites. 

Stumble in as I stumble upon you 

Shots poored. Toast. Bottoms up. 

Chase the burn with everything but honesty. 

Honestly it the warmth heals my soul. Recover. 

Just to lose control. A pupil. A sensei. Eyes dilated. They should be. 

This music controlls my body. My motives. 

Know this the numbing of the face. 

Liquer displaced. Attractions to lay waste. 

Good nights. Cold drinks. Loud smoke. 

We stay together forever in the beat of this song. 

An 808 addict. Love tragic. Hopless romantic. 

Intrested in your assests. Lets touch how weve wanted to touch. 

Each other. Together. Fuck through thd night. 

No matter the weather. Where am i headed? 

Put that question on pause. 

Take my hands. Guide them where you want them. 

Let me make you feel what you never could. For tonight.

A little insight. Your beauty keeps me up at night. 

Lost in your soft skin against mine. 

Make her mine for the taking. Love them all. 

Women at my doorstep chase it with a percocet 

Were without feeling. But my senses are burning

Completely on fire. With desire. 


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