The secret.

What i want. Simple an easy. 

I want a life where i can loo k back being old

and sitting on my rocker with my family and friends 

Thinking i lived 100% to my capablity. 

I want to work hard for the things i got. 

But i want it to feel like no work at all. 

So people will take note and  be attracted

To how i work so hard yet how

i am always happy energetic and comfortable.

I want to be successful in music. Entertainment and art. 

Get paid to do it but not even care that i am being paid. 

Making movies songs and books and performances 

That baffle peoples minds on how i am good at so much.

I want the world to believe i am gifted with works. 

Where it seems like magic and just be beyond talent. 

And reply "anyone is capable of such beuaty" 

I want to be classified as real. Fresh. And fun. 

Associated with love respect and compassion. 

Yet be almost famous by how people see me act

And how i bring light to any social invitation. 

I want a group of friends worth dying for. 

A group of friends that when we show up upon arrival 

The people there know its us and begin to emulate from our energy. 

I want to party hard and meet as many people in the process. 

I want to then meet up and  be close to those people. 

To where i am known recognized and loved for who i am. 

And how i always speak my mind and tell it how it is. 

I want to be a trendsetter and always have something new and original to bring to the table. 

I want to make other people feel good about themselves 

To where they get natural highs of positive energy. I want to wake up 

Hungover next to an extremely attractive girl in my bed with her hair in my mouth. 

That i met at from being out and having a good time with my close friends. 

And tell her she can go but if she stays ill marry her. And do it. 

And i want it to be the best damn decion in my life that i did marry her. 

I want her to feed me my vibe so we can both emulate a room

With our charisma and happiness as we party dance.  Love and laugh in frint kf everyone. 

I want to love. Fuck. Talk. Smoke. Party and just live to my full potential as much as possible. 

I want people to ask me how i got to where i was and how i feel

From coming from where i was . I want my reply to be 

"its a secret" and trust me i already have most of these.

I am working on the others as i type this. 

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