Hidden in Large letters.

its FUnny. I forgot the past. Everything i been through.

left it all behind. All of it. The drugs.

the pain. The CKold nights.

wet eyes and silent midnight cries

all of it but YOU your mEMory is stILl in the palm of mY hand. 

You already buried my exIstencs in the sand. 

NoW i just hold it so one dAy i caN crumble iT up. 

And throw the lingering confusion and fadED dreams of you in your face. 


So much for trying TO care. So much for TRYing to be there. I have everything i need AND want. 

Still its not enough BEcause somewhere along THE way i let something tear pieces of me out. 

I left sOme of my eNtrails with you for safEkeeping. 

As you smashed my insides. I decided To get cLean And replace my organs with machines. 

No emotiOn or feeling of compassion. Pure nVmbing rElaxation

Am i wrong to be hurt and dispose of others emotions the way ive been recycled in the past by YOU. 

MAYBE i lucked out and you JUST saved my ass. From your mind controLling grasp.

I am my own being. yET im not allowed to think as such.

 Everyone i guess is supposed to think for ME.

Thats no way to live. I get everythinh to give. 

yet  i got it myself. Find something of your own. 

Its an exchange of gifts and feelings. Not a one way sTReet.

No reason to be discreate. Im done pretending that i dont miss you..

But i wont ever let you back in. So whats the point. Of suffering.

If you know there is no waY to win. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wont spell out the hidden message but there is ond. 

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