In My Room

Laying flat on my back. 

Out of breathe. Laying in my own bed. 

Sigh from a long road of struggles

I have lived through my trials. 

I light my fire for the road. I breathe in its fumes. As I take in my surroundings. 

I inhale deeply. Cringle slightly exhale and gasp lightly. 

Smoke I blew from my breathe have endless amount of shades of grey 

I am safe. I made it this far. No longer alone with no ambition. 

I have my place of soltidute my place of refuge. A sanctuary of me. My very own room. 

Everything was worth this moment. Much more amazing things are bound to happen. 

Now I sleep soundly as I await them. And confront them. And acquire them. 

Sleeping well tonight. 


I hope you tuned into yourself latly 

And drawer closer to things you have. 

Many fought for that position in life you have a lot harder than you have. 

And acquired much less. 


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