Pandora Places.

I want to be the Van Gogh of words. 

Crazy indesicive a little ironic with my symbolic metaphors.

Silently romantic. Riddled with thought provoking phrases for the reader. 

Its not in what you see. But in what you perceive. 

Life will always be what it used to be. 

Meloncholy and unpredictable 

I used to keep my head rested on her side. 

But the wind picked me up. And I got lost in the storm. 

I took to many pills that day. I thought it would help the aftershock. 

But now I am just a familiar. The fog is what's left of me. 

Its all I want you to see. It's not what I used to be. 

Im overflowing with urgency. The water personifies me. 

Sanctifies and petrefies me. 

Where on earth are the shapes and sounds. 

Where I used to keep her slender bones around.

They are right in front of me. 

But are out of reach. 

Pandoras box is locked. And lost.

But I still feel loves aftermath. 

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