The letter.

Change can be insighting 

But today it's a little frightening. 

I lost so much that my heart is buoyant 

It won't sink in and I feel as if I am floating 

On a little raft made of material...

 that is quickly eroding. 

I am lost at sea. 

No lights or stars to guide me. 

The cold front leaves me shivering 

Hyperventilating silently screaming 


I was forced to leave everything behind. 

All I decided to carry with me 

Is a letter I wrote to you 

Explaining all the feelings you left behind. 

It has been a genuine wish. 

To just enlist In that moment

Where my heart fell from my chest

And onto your lap. 


It has been months I find myself

Still grinding my teeth 

to push through my obsession

Of your essence in all it emulated. 

The pain has escalated. 

I lost and all I have are aperations

Of that one moment in my life 

Where pain no longer existed

It's long gone never to be revisited. 


But I sit here.

With my bag holding everything I own in it

Laid across my lap. As I read the letter

Quietly to myself as I just reminisce 

On the reruns of our few short episodes.

And by doing so. I realize now. 

In all my life. I've never felt so alone. 


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