Hallmark Hammered.

I am level headed most days.

But its harder now I am losing strength now

so alone in this part of the year.

I have very little people to consider sincere 

so here I am looking at the calander

and valintines day is creeping in closer


I feel weary as cliche as it sounds

I never was picked for a day to go out

I have been left watching the world 

be in love I know it will be another one

so why even try to push and shove

my way into beliving I am happy I am alone


so I believe in drinking alone.

Ill be completely out of it before the day begins

just blacked out. I wont even remeber the day and whats within

so I cant say I suffered through another. its my way of coping

I hope its thought provoking Becuase I hate the feeling

that I am once agian that one kid

just wishing to be loved by another

its all I want that feeling of affection


I know its not easy But I can atleast get some attention.

its safe to say nobody will call.

and ill be on my floor unconscious

unaware of it all.


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