My words.

The Influence

Ever wake up. 

with no sleep.

but your heart still skips a beat.

becuase you have been so low key

that everything seems to look a little brighter than normal.


You forget sleep 

as you manage to pull 

a few days minus rest

becuase you seem to be pulling out of a mess

and your think too much on a few far away distant things

Its your north star your wishing well.

no sleep you run in your head becuase you are close 

from achieveing what may be worth keeping


I speak you listen.

My words yeah my words.

I live you love

my words yeah off of my words.

Its impressions you make

to try and sway other falling off 

to get back in and participate

in a mindset that you will protect

the future from everyones futures

heal the past with a calm since of care


Whatever happens in life

I feel like I will be there.

I feel big moves. Big motives

I will act on them. even if they were found through meditation

today the world is on mys side as I progress

to take my impressions world wide. 

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