A farewell to another chapter in life. It was nice. But the next will be better.

I stayed awake praying.

for this saddnes to end.

To pick my up out of this same old routine

where I see what I loved in the past

a love I could never get back.

for months I forced myself to try

to manage through the hurt.


I past your house everyday.

I seen you walk home everyday.

It became to much to bare.

The work I was doing was getting hard for me to care

about anything I did not feel fair.


I shed tears many nights wishing you still cared.

I was across the street from the world you were living in.

yet it was a million miles out of reach.

I stayed up late one night.

wrote you a letter of all the things

I should have told you.


Then I packed up my emotions.

left the hard work behind 

Left your world behind.

for after I broken that leash

I finally feel free from your grip.


I am off in my own place.

I never see you I believe its a shed of grace.

for a moments time I loved you

I wont get that moment to ever come back 

and thats fine.


I bettered myself.

taken a gamble.

dropped everything that I was inovled in

becuase it was hard to handle

now I am off to a a new place

where I will be a new face


Things work out weird when you pray

The first time I prayed in years.

and I am no longer queeay feeling weezy

over your lost love.

I buried your emotions and memories in my head.

Its time for me to have little stress

it feels good to be somewhere new with all this rest. 


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