I am not a could have. I am a will do.

I slept to way to many classes.
To ever be the one to figure out how to feed the masses.
I missed too many Sunday services
To not be disruptive and unruly
I stopped attending the clinic
so they would quit telling me
I was different unmotivated and in need of moral stability.
I put my time in living
for many people forgot how to just enjoy breathing.

It comes down to heartbreak.
I write my story of my life down
for a map to all the places to avoid
not to necessarily fill a void.
I am all about the spirit
I live through my memories as if they just happened.
I am impressionable
a trend setter a conversation starter.
I ignite fires rather than extinguish desire

Call me what you will
But my way of living
Is a mold breaker
and its a whole lot better
than never searching after
what you desire to acquire

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