Parents always know everything. So why don't they see this?

Some things in life just do not add up.
I only struggle when my parents decide
they had enough of me enjoying stuff
so they make it a goal to strip me
of what I love and make me constantly struggle
for there own enjoyment I guess.
I lose and I lose.
divorce its never easy or fun.
I am either with one side of the family
or none. Never two.
Everything around me telling me what to do.
Everything is about money.
and they are never proud or satisfied
so they strip my pride
because I am just happy with being alive.
No fancy cars or fancy house like they have.
I live here yet they make me provide even for the food I wish to have.
Millionaires they fit the stereotype yet I get maybe one thing for Christmas
and everything else is i fight to keep.
a car is always used as leverage for keeping me a puppet.
I am constantly reminded the roof over my head is not permanent.
that I am only welcomed for a short time.
and no one is to visit. Its a closed in sheltered place.
where i see no friendly face

the other side is always welcoming me.
yet has no money for anything.
stripped of everything they are a poor family
but will give there last dollar to someone walking the street.
They love seeing me happy and remind me of such.
but if I stay there I have no financial support.
my sister has no cloths and my money hungry dad wont lift a finger
to even try to get her anything to wear.
my mother went a weak without electricity
just to put my younger sister through cheer.
my life has such little stability,
I just found out why.
I realized for once it isn't me.
I am forever bouncing because
no one ever knows how to be happy.
so here I am in the middle of a divorce
suffering because both of my parents
are at each others throats

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