Cheezing for the Cameras

The feeling that rarely came.
That you feel so fine.
and every day is alright.
The people around you are good people.
The family is the best.
The memory's are the best.
You never have time to rest.
We drink too much.
just because we don't pay attention
to the number of cups we drink.
We have no problem.
Just living to the best of our ability.
leaning on each other.
Becoming each others brother.
family stays together.
My friends are now my family forever.
Everyday is an adventure.
I wake up with thoughts on living.
Its refreshing and appetizing
I want more of this.
Tho its not a thirst.
I just want to feel this good for as long as I can
Lift the ones up worth being lifted up.

The good times have been here.
say hello. to the girls You meet.
Joey you feel immortal.
I feel like I can fly fly fly
So happy I could cry cry cry
I will write about each individual memory when I get the chance.
Right now I am in the process of making them.
Better than beauty I feel joy and its not insanity.
The cold weather outside won't stop my warm warm warm pride.
I smile for all the pictures I have my friends take.
I will develop my photo album when the time is right.
But right now its time to live.
Chasing thrills. Chasing girls.
Laughing at our mistakes and enjoying our heartbeats.
I have found the most important part of living.
witch is just life itself. I am connected with myself.
Its a nice change to know I could feel so happy
that all I do is sigh sigh sigh.
so I take a deep breathe
and for once I don't ask why.
I just think for a second as everything flashes
through my head like flickering fast forward movies
and smile with a sigh of relief.
and think to myself
"I am finally living for me"

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