Chapter 21 The End

If the world ends tomorrow.
Ill pass without figuring what a few things I wish I could in life.
I don't know what love feels like.
Just pain sometimes.
I often close my eyes.
and I try to picture my future in someone else s eyes.
I am not impressed. Sometimes depressed.
I over think simple conversation
analyze my dreams and picture myself with other people.
Married in a steeple loved and considered wise.
not young and often criticized
Not the one to be blamed
be the one to be congratulated
doubts disappear and I will feel secure.
But then again I know nothing of these feelings.
So overall I feel If the world ends. The feelings I wished to feel.
never came so overall I was a fluke and I am disappointed.
I wished and fought for things and lost and fell short.
Found a few fun times along the way.
But I still feel empty.
Even if its the last day.
So I pray.
Let it be pretend
and not the end.
So I can get up and instantly change
and rearrange life to succeed.

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