Gorilla love warfare.

Patiently waiting.
for my time to initiate
Play the roll as the caring distant friend.
until struggles happen again.
Ease my way back into her arms.
as I establish a friendship bond.
Show her how to have fun and be as one.
Simply invite her everywhere.
Just drop her in my life
No false fronts no showing off.
Show her how she should be taken care of.
with the words and the actions I convey.
Once this is achieved. The game gets a little easier.
Within a week she will fall in love.

That attraction that she named lust when we first met.
will turn into trust and comfort.
full and warmth.
Waiting. Biding my time until she just wont stop thinking.
longing for my company will strike her stomach
Like a bunch of birds flew out of her lungs.
Left her breathless and hopeless in love.

To steal someones girl is no easy task.
The history and the familiarization of his touch rules out a lot of trust.
So I got to ease in and satisfy her emotions before her senses.
Stimulus with words and letting her talk.
Listen to her stories.No interruptions
Just a person to speak to when she feels a bit lonely.
To steal someones girl is no easy task.
Its even more difficult the second time if you ask.
I am convinced one day she will give me a sign.
Take me away from this dead end ride.
the relationship ceased and I knew I should of had you in mind.
Its her words I hear echoing in my head.
These soft words spoken can bring me back from the dead.

There is no hand.or cards to play.
You show yourself and its all you can show for.
a game of chance, to meet halfway down a two way street.
some people forget how far they walked when they first met.
to far. to little. It wont feel right.
then The person she wanted will finally sweep her off her feet.
If she is stuck at the wrong side of the street.
Its a crime I know but for the health of me and her heart
I can treat her better than Him
Its obvious and not a shot in the dark

I know little of what I am talking about
but this is what I often dream about.
Gorilla love warfare.
The best things in life are worth fighting for.
So Ill fight tooth and nail to be labeled as her only.
The only thing I am selfish with in this world is you honey.
I cant see anyone else have you and see you fully happy.
I know how to satisfy your body and make you feel tingly
So I will let my tactics be silent and deadly.
Before she knew it she would be mine already.
This is all I dream about and what I wish to come swiftly.
I am a man with a frigid plan with a mindset that nothing can stop me.
shattering and rebuilding this girl a brand new world
That she will thrive in with the help of my hand.

I wait and wait until I get that call.
The number has been lost.
The boyfriend made sure all contact is blocked.
I feel bad for him.
for my physical appearance cannot be ignored.
she at one point chose me over her history.
and almost started a new page and just held on to the memory.
It was almost a success until the boyfriend filled her head.
and I was stuck at work and no time to speak it became a mess.
But next time. I swear next time.
I will relive her stress fix her mess.
conquer her head and her heart
witch has been my plan since the start.

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