Running through the night.
On the move, pictures to prove to my sight.
That I am alright. life is steady. I am better.
I am nonstop moving. from work to party to sleep.
I have no time for a meet and great. my life keeps changing
and morphing. I am out and about.
no more alone and doubt. I got friends worth many memories.
the networth of my dreams keep climbing in my head.
the memories only let me think before bed.
I am on the move to better things.
cant stop my life from getting better.
I just stay with my new family that is ever growing.
I am living. I am growing. I am changing.
No time for waiting. I am already loving.
Jump in off the high dive into my crazy life style.
its amazing. Its a little wild. I should slow down.
but I waited a long while to feel this good.
Its a good, good, No influence, influencing my emotions.
Just good memories and good people.
I wished many nights to feel this once again.
and it happened when I allowed it to come.
and its everything I could ever ask for.

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