Butter jelly and potatoes

You mean to tell me that we are made up of millions of cell structures sticking together like a peanut and butter jelly sandwich which interact with each other sending electromagnetic signals thru the body like morse code thru the nerves that depicts if were happy and or sad and that our d.n.a. double helix formula isn't exactly that much different from a potato. That gets baked. Covered in sour cream. Cheese. Chives and bacon bits. All that were processed thru a corporation in which its soul purpose is to be eaten by me after i spend my imaginary money that is measured in time that i am obligated to spend to aquire invisible financial funds to aquire said potato to eat. And im supposed to believe i am not any different morally in my perplexed scenario living a miniscule blip of an existence in a paradoxical hypocritical self destructive failing social system  And im to believe in a god that is supposed to save me from cooking baked potatoes to aquire a baked potato for myself to eat so i dont die from starvation so i can cook more baked potatoes to eat more baked potatoes. What about infinite existence for the baked potatoes not just me. Will they exist with jesus in his space garden in the astral plane. Because i really need to know right now. Because i feel like the brave Little Toaster right now on the quest for Answers to meet his maker when in reality he only found his owner.

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