Trail blazing

For as many people in this world there is that many of life styles and opinions. Some we agree with and some we don't understand. Their is no right and wrong just what is. Judgment over things out of our control can be our heavist baggage. The most important thing to focus on is being happy. Not feeling happy. Drugs are things that effect your emotions and feelings. Yet being something takes work. Happiness is an inside job. Encouragment is the strongest of all magic. Give without expecting anything in return. Lead with your heart and your feet will follow as your mind will light the way. Never doubt yourself. Love yourself. Like truly love yourself. Confidence and persistence played a part in creating everything. What are the things you enjoy to imagine yourself doing when you close your eyes? Look at those passions and things you enjoy as goals. Don't let failure be an option and if there is a fork in the road and you don't like either path. Put your hiking boots on and go trail blazing. Manifest your own future. 

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