Underneath your skin

We are animals 

Trying to remove our instincts 

Afraid to be inferior. 

Battling to be superior. 

Love is never reasonable 

A one night rush 

Chasing a moment 

We lust more than trust 

A simple synopsis 

A theory to a philosophical fuck. 

We expose ourselves in hopes 

For a few moments 

to feel beautiful again. 

So we let anyone in. 

Doesn't matter, Face or place. 

Just as long as we get that taste. 

We become displaced 

Lost in our minds 

Searching the world for a better fuck 

Baring scares and bad luck. 

We are only intuitive 

When chasing our desires. 

Setting fires. Burning bridges. 

Just to lay on our backs. 

Exposing our bodies 

In hopes to find healing. 

Filling a hole that can't be filled. 

Just continuous digging. 

Never rethinking. 

Searching for someone 

Who is ever inviting. 

Skin crawling 


Body conversations 

To drown out the pain 

In our eyes and hearts. 

Only to plague our minds 

With false starts. 

A pretense filled with cocktails 

Mixed drinks and regretable decisons 

The epilogue is long nights 

Lost in thought 

Trying to decide what goes inside us. 

Eating away our morals 

Cigerettes burn 

Trying to keep that moment. 

Time moves on. 

So we keep coming. 

Until we are exhasted

 and emotionally spent. 

Dick bent. Filled with resent. 

Pretending we enjoyed this. 

So we pretend to enjoy each other 

Until another round of a late night fix

Kiss kiss 

As in that moment we think 

There is no love like this. 

Another knotch in our belt 

Until we draw the next line. 

With another dime. 

Lights off. 

Staggering breath. 

Clenching teeth. 

Synchronicity between the sheets. 

Swept under the rug. 

If love is a drug. 

It's kill or be killed. 

Visceral and vindictive

Devouring hearts. 

Stabbing at the insides. 

Mangling your morals. 

underneath your flesh 

Is stone and ice. 

Carved with a dual blade. 

Damaged goods. 

Is what a one night love has made

As we slowly start to fade

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