Extra terrestrial hood shit

Up at night contemplating 
Spacing out anticipating 
Can I shine through this darkness? 
Is it even worth it 
Because what's a dollar even worth, shit.
God Damn, I'm perplexed 
a Gifted mess. Fuck stress. 
Put my heart to the test.
Suited up arms. Chest. 
Ready for whatever. 
My name make it ring forever. 
Could I just implode 
Like a neutron star 
sending shockwaves 
Destroying your pretty perfect world 
Set fire to myself in hopes 
To make everything go up in smoke 
Rising from the ashes 
From the days I wasn't shit 
To the days I got first pick 
To the finest assets.

On that space shit 
Until my eyes are starlit 
I dream of being 
Picture perfect, awestruck 
Crashing into your life like a Mac truck
Won't know what hit em. 
Too big for his britches 
So of course his clothes don't fit em. 
From the nights spent loosing sleep
on a park bench,
Dreaming of selling out your city 
Keeping it for myself 
Because fuck these dark nights 
Doubt and daymares 
Downpour on the piss poor 
Call it a parade 
Money isn't the motivation 
I built my whole life on trade 
Putting my life into these bars 
Could give a fuck about your fast cars 
Until this music shit 
Got me locked in a gated community on mars. 
Welcome to that extra terrestrial hood shit. 
We run up on your block with jet packs 
And wiffle ball bats 
Shoutin "where da blotter at!" 
Do you smell what's cooking? 
Run up in the building 
Clean off all your plates 
And gank the penicillin 
Because Its that ill shit.

Can't trace me, got tracers 
All systems go. 
Where dem phasers?
Blast off dreams 
At the speed of light 
Alterd psychosis. 
Fucking with me? 
Hockus pockus 
With a mouth full of locusts 
I'm a fucking legend 
Teaching these teemos 
What a poke is. 
Changing lanes 
Top game teleport 
Flash ignite 
Until the future is in sight.
Blast off at the speed of light.

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