salt and sugar

From pleasure to pain 

To walking in the rain 

Drenched in passion 

Staring at stars 

Waiting to take action. 


To the rhythm of my heart

I skip to the beat with my feet 

Playing my favorite songs on repeat 

Trying to live a moment 

With no interest in capturing it. 


Will you ever lay next to me 

Talk about all things we couldn't be

I'm a traveling merchant 

Selling my heart at miscellaneous 

Carnivals and circuses. 

Living for all the wrong purposes 


I've been devoured a few times 

By carnivorous hearts 

You ever look into empty eyes? 

Sianoria to cyanide pride 

Dreams only place to hide away. 

Until the dawn of a new day


Missed once you've been lost in the mist a heavy blanket called uncertainty 

To tuck me in at night. 

Beauty in the eye of the beholder 

Carrying the world on my shoulders


Another man's trash 

another man's treasure 

Hand me downs

Value has no measure 

Diamonds are rich 

Until your out of water 

Then everything precious 

Is about as glamorous as granite 


Life and death

Love and hate 

pleasure and pain 

Are all the same thing. 

The deception of perception

The irony of paying attention

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