attitude makes all the difference

I used to have the worst attitude on the planet. I hated everything and always had some type of issues I needed to vent about. Feeling I was broken down and that it wasn't my fault nothing was going well. Then I grew up. Did some inside work. Realized happiness wasn't found in materials. A relationship. Money. Cars. Clothing or drugs. It's a mindset. You decide to be happy or to be mad. I chose to be happy and monitor my thoughts closely. The more I practiced this. The more bright and beautiful the world became. I watched and read the secret. And believe in the law of attraction. If you are positive and believe only good will happen. Chances are you will see only good happen. Sure sometimes pain is unavoidable but you can write that off. Just keep a constant flow and don't rush things and don't be passive. Most importantly forgive yourself and act as if everything is awesome sauce. And everything around you will reflect your mindset. The mind is powerful. It designed the pyramids and has gotten us on the moon. It also can make you feel satisfaction and love swell up inside you. Don't worry about what you don't have. Focus on what you truly love. Me i love music and skateboarding and helping others by writing things like this. If you love what you are currently doing right now regardless if you are rewarded for it or not. You are winning.

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