some words

Life happens so fast 

Before you know it 

You will have arrived at the destination 

Reminiscent of the road you were on. 

Living in a maise of revolving doors 

No way right no way wrong. 

Every time you go left. 

People will wonder why 

You up and left. 

Do it for yourself you went right.

Do it out of spite you will find fight. 

Passion is the greatest wealth 

Money can't buy happiness 

It's found within 

Paradise is not a destination 

It's a state of mind 

Take that state with you wherever whenever 

Life is too short to be worried to be sad 

Magic in the moments 

Smile and laughter 

Encourage others also encourage yourself. 

To be better. 

To find strength in rainy weather. 

Push on. Be patient. But be active. 

Chase the light inside you. 

Only race your shadow. 

Nothing else matters. 

When everything is composed of matter. 

Do it for love. Do it for yourself. 

Don't be safe. Dance on the edge. 

No your limits and push them. 

And you will find everything you wanted.

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