I am grateful for the good days. 

The long dark nights. 

Warm weather. 

Sunshine and masquito bites. 

The cold snow and warm coffee. 

The broken hearts and hard liquor. 

The good night kisses. The late night wishes. The love found in myself. And the love I receive from others. The experiences I've shared with others. The wisdom I gained from mistakes. The universe and all of its cheesecake. The teachers and mentors I've found. The close i stolen out of the lost and found. The laughter. The disaster. Hardships and the dreams of the future. The people I talk to. Near and far. Grateful for the haters. The lovers. The fighters. The sleepers. The dreamers. beautiful Music and the feeling it gives me. The family I have and the respect i have for myself. My grandfather. My grandmother. Finding any reason to be happy. Having a job. Finding ways to enjoy something that nobody enjoys. Singing. Dancing. Laughing. Motivating others to try and be better. Greatful for not being perfect and finding new ways to grow and get better. Challenging myself to get stronger and smile more. The love letters I get and the letters i receive. The people who listen and the ones who never will. My stubbornness. My happiness. My individuality. My sense of responsibility and urgency. My good hygiene. Good health and spiritual wealth. The roof above my head and this comfy pink blanket. Having water and food. Skating and falling. Finding the courage to fall and get back up. Grateful for my mom and my dad my siblings. Whatever the future brings. My talent and passion to listen and create music. Grateful for sticking up for myself. Grateful for all the concerts i been to. Finding myself by getting lost in music. Trying to find ways to live better happier and not being nervous or afraid to break out of my comfort zone. Grateful for Trying to make a difference and surround myself with people trying to do the same. I am grateful for my talent on how to make people feel good about themselves and standing up for what I believe is right. I am grateful for everything. I am greatful for breathing and my life. Life is weird and I'm going to be grateful and happy no matter what. So I'm going to put on this deep house mix and skate around in this meditative mindset of peace love gratitude and happiness and enjoy myself. One love. Have a beautiful night.

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