a reoccuring dream

I keep having this dream. Been having this dream ever since I was a kid. It is something I hold special to me yet I never really understood what it means. 


It started when I was little, I was running away from home and I found this path deep in the woods that was  very secluded from the rest of the world and the it's suprisingly very walkable. I just kept walking not even thinking at all silently walking for hours. For days. After many days of non-stop walking I come across this abandoned house. It's right off the path and it's by water.  It's extremely beautiful. I stay in it for the night.  Then decide to walk home to tell my friends of this place I found. I am super excited about it yet few believe me. I then go back to this place with a few friends and we walk and talk along the way to this house. It's like the best adventure ever. We spend the night in the house for a few days. We go swimming then we go home. I keep coming back to this place in my dreams. Every time i get a little older. The walk is the same but the friends keep changing. But I keep walking. Many decide it's too much of a journey and turn around. I keep going. For my own reasons. The road to this place keeps getting longer. Yet it doesn't even cross my mind. One time I show up to the house and I see an old man there. He approaches me and says "are you the one who keeps coming here?" I say yes. 

He then says Im an honored guest to stay In his abandoned house and that he just lives up the road. And to come over if I'm hungry and he will feed me then personally drive me home when I'm ready to go. I end up staying over at The old man's house and we go into the city. He shows me all the cool places in the city closest to this house and tells me everything he knows about life. I then decide I want to go home. I don't return for years. I come back and find the deed of the house on the table and a note saying everything is possible. I live in this house for many many years, until I notice someone exactly like me has been visiting this place while I was gone. I am now the old man saying it's okay to stay in the house. I am now living in the house down the road and left the house of dreams abandoned for any guest who decides to stay in it. I encourage them to stay there and if they need anything I am just down the street...

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