The journey to the Perfect Fifth

The Influence

The search of the perfect fifth led me down a spiritual journey full of cheap whisky, popov vodka and power chords. I found myself in an alleyway knee deep in poverty dressed in rags playing Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs for McChickens. When i realized the perfect Fifth was the alcahol on my breath mixed with an open bottle and a few power chords. Followed by the 5 dollar bill a stranger laid in my guitar case. In all those long drunken nights diving into music theory studies on the blues. Nothing compared to that moment I actually up and lived it. That's the real beauty behind the perfect Fifth. It's life. It's so simple. Yet not many people understand that. You do it because you love it. Not because it's easy. You play because to you there is no other option. You got something to say. And if it's complicated people get lost. The power chord is the light. Chorus of life. In theory it's simple math and a bunch of numbers. Yet you stay true to it. Because it sounds good when you do it. That perfect Fifth is found at the bottom of a cheap bottle in desperation to use your talents to get you something to eat. To survive. At that point your not playing a song because you enjoy it. Your playing because you need to. You no longer have a choice. Until you are there. You haven't lived the blues. So how are you going to play what you never felt?

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