Do the math

You are 1 person out of 7 billion. 

Living on 1 planet out of 8 

In 1 solar system out of 100 billion solar systems 

In 1 galaxy out of 100 galaxies. 

In 1 unfathomably large Universe

You are undeniably microscopicly small 

Yet you still are 

1 person out of 7 billion 

On 1 planet out of trillions 

In 1 galaxy out of over 100 billion 

You have your very own finger print 

Your own unique Carbon foot print 

with the ability to create original art. 

That Never before existed in this universe 

Until you created it 

You beat every odd in the history of time 

So why waste the little time you do have 

Worrying about shit that doesn't matter?

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