Another nightmare

The Influence

I had this dream early this morning. I was with my cousin in the mall.
walking around aimlessly not knowing what it was even that I wanted
or why I was even there. I was slightly aggressive and rude to other people
that walked by. I didn’t want to be there. We exit the mall and a group of 6 people come up to us when were by the car. we put the bags in the trunk. I notice the broken glass and the back window broken. I try to pull out a knife discreetly. Before I could act 3 people took out my cousin wearing brass knuckles. I then take out my blade and it appears to be broken. I then get hit in the face with some brass knuckles. I am knocked to the ground. My nose and jaw are broken and my vision is blurry. I decide to throw the knife and it just bounces every witch way not hitting anybody.
one of the attackers then pulls out a drill and I am now held down by 5 people as someone takes a power drill and drills through my foot. I scream then wake up screaming.
What the fuck....

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