i am industry

The idealism of fast food alone makes me sick. Now I work in it. People replace their health with convienience. Unprossessed food is scarce and only available for the well off wealthy people who shop organic. Leaving people who are stuck on food stamps with chemically enhanced frozen foods which holds no nuitrion what so ever. Let's all dig up our front lawns and start growing gardens. Fuck the monopolizing corperations that regulate our food. Let's start governing ourselves. I'm completely capable of making my own decisions. Yet it's considered an act of tyranny to stray from the path and to question the morals of authority. People who work in the food industry and work minimum wage still have to pay the same corperations that they slave for to eat even when they are already being payed the bare minimum. Don't raise minimum wage. Make it possible for employees to be treated like human beings and be given a meal out of appreciation for their work ethic. Money is more valuable then the human lives these food industries employ. And I find that really fucked up. I am not a drone. I am not a robot. I am a human being. With a voice yet the world is trying suppress it and even monopoloze on stolen charicter and creativity. I am not aloud to be myself. Because it is a distraction towards others and it attracts attention to me instead of the products these corperations are pushing aggressively upon others. I can't accept tips because that's 2 dollars more the company could be putting into its bank account. Creativity is a crime in the work place. Colors and individuality is forbidden. I suppress myself for the better of a billion dollars buissness that looks at me as a disposable tool to carry out it's work. Apprciaction is lost. Fuck corperate America. It's destroying the environment. The Health and spirit of this planet and i can hear mother earth crying and pleading for change!!!!!

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