Life Sentences

Can't sleep. 

Yet I got nothing on my mind. 

Maybe that's the dilemma. 

Most people sleep soundly with a thought. 

Of someone. Or something. 

I don't miss anything. 

I don't feel motivated to do something. 

So I guess I am just lost in absolute nothing. 

It's so blank. The mind seems baron. 

No more fear. I guess it's becoming clear. 

That the pain I endured in the past. 

Is gone. At last. 

No more sleeping with earwigs and parasites. 

I dodged a few bullets. 

Lost a few friends gained wisdom in the end. 

Was it hard. Yes. I remember it all. 

It was a type of hell. 

I would be lying if I made it out scratch free. 

Have a few scars on my wrist. 

To remind me I choose to live. 

When the rain stops. 

And you tally up the damages. 

You look up. To see the sun. 

The light you been missing for so long. 

It found its way back to you. 

What was lost doesn't matter. 

When you feel the warmth of life. 

You are thankful just to be alive. 

That feeling. Nothing compares. 

The people around you forever changing. 

Rearranging. Watching love be born. 

And fall apart. 

A moment is more powerful than a lifetime

Time is nothing. You can wake up one day. 

To the person you spent 20 years with 

And they will appear to be a complete stranger

So it's important to never forget 

How that person made you feel 

Before life ran it's course. 

I used to think I knew everything. 

Know I know, I know nothing at all. 

I just learn from experience. 

It has varying results. 

Be careful who you trust. 

Wars have been fought over false information. 

Stay true. 

Stay bright. 

Come to terms

 with whatever keeps you up at night. 

I guess I had something to say after all.

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