No matter what happens.

No matter how hard it seems.Keep on trucking.

Sometimes people have to drink that glass of horse piss and get shat on.

Show now fear and eventually at the end of the day you will be in the direction you wanted to be heading.

Never give up on yourself. The shit you go thru is a test.

If you keep your balance and composure even through the hard times you are passing.

Materials are not defining.

Sometimes you get stripped of what you thought you were in order to become what you will become.

All that matters is what you do in the now.

Sometimes we gamble on a decision

and it turns out to spit you out of a cycle and drop you off far from where you would have expected to be.

Even if the surroundings and people no longer are familiar stay true to who you are and your ideas.

Don't let the influence of others take away from your own creativity.

Keep burning bright and show off your individuality.

Things have to fall completely apart before you can fully inspect the pieces you want to put in place to build your life.

Sometimes square one is a blessing in disguise.

You attract what you feel. So feel like you are the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and you will be.

I promise you will be. Because you already are.

Leave no spot for doubt in your mind.

Your going to go far kid.

Always have that in mind.

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